20年后,該業務在當地甚至海外已有穩定發展空間。因此,我們有信心並決定開拓一個屬於自己的品牌,這就是如何“AM”(AMAZING MIRACLE)被既定。我們的產品是由韓國及瑞士專業皮膚科權威所治制。現在,我們的主旨從基礎護膚轉升至特殊膚質護理,確保各種膚質受到一定的照顧。

It all started with a dream – to own a business relating to beauty.  Later this dream expanded to offering various beauty products and services such as facial which has operated for more than 20 years. The professional, and friendly service had attracted more than 10,000 loyal customers to the business within the first 3 years.

Over the years, the business had expanded to local and oversea. We decided to create & introduce our own line of skin care products, that is how the “AM” ( Amazing Miracles) brand was established.   Our range of products are formulated by professional dermatologists in Switzerland and Korea. Now our line is complete from basic skin care products to special care products, specially catered for the Asian skin.


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